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Your NAPA Auto Care Program Team Members At NAPA Headquarters

Jason Rainey

Vice President, Auto Care
  • NAPA AutoCare Department Head
  • Strategic Planning
  • Program Communication
  • Sales/Budget Initiatives

Jon Ellsworth

Program Development Sr. Director
  • New Program Development
  • Value Added Vendor Relations
  • Current Program Enhancements

Lauren Briggs

Sales and Marketing Director
  • Wholesale Market Research
  • Sales Planning
  • Wholesale Execution

Joe Procyk

Program Development Manager
  • New Program Development
  • Current Program Enhancements
  • Reporting

Alberta Santistevan

Program Communications Manager
  • Communications Management and Delivery
  • Program Training
  • Digital Communications
  • Social Media Management

Hannah Klausman

Program Brand Specialist
  • PROimage Administration
  • Brand Management
  • Gold Certified Management
  • Graphic Design and Advertising

Anthony “Booker” Thomas

Specialist, Sales and Marketing
  • Auto Care Program Training
  • Auto Care Promotion Tracking
  • Auto Care Marketing Materials

Matt Crumpton

Strategic Accounts Manager - AAA
  • Manage all NAPA-AAA Programs
  • NAPA contact for AAA National Office & Clubs
  • Drive business to NAPA stores through AAA

Our goal is to keep the NAPA AutoCare Program RELEVANT:

Consumer Icon

To the Consumer

so they seek us out for service

Store Icon

To the NAPA Store

so they create loyal, high volume accounts

Sales Icon

To the NAPA Sales Team

so they passionately sell the program